Re-Discoveries: the Joy of Being Outside

Adventure Explorations own creators and writers provide their experiences on the trails and waterways.

The power of nature is no secret. From breathtaking valleys that seem to cut through the 
earth to awe-inspiring mountains that tower above us, nature reminds us of our place in 
this hectic world. Spending time in nature prompts us to remember that the hustle and 
bustle of daily life isn’t as important as we sometimes imagine it to be. Nature grounds us 
firmly on our feet.

Endless studies analyzing human behavior show us that being in nature has significant 
benefits on both mental and physical well-being. And yet research suggests we’re more 
disconnected now than ever before. Modern-day living places increased value on busy cities, video games, movies, and other activities that keep us inside and away from our 

Keep reading to learn more about why it’s so important to spend time outside, and how to connect with nature in a meaningful way.

Why Is It Important to Connect With Nature?

Improved Mood

Nature brings a sense of wonder and flow to people’s minds, which helps them feel 
regenerated and lifts their mood. Forbes highlights a study by the University of California, 
which correlates the awe-inspiring experiences of nature with the release of positive-effect 
proteins that improve well-being and boost creativity.

A Sense of Belonging

We often talk about nature as a separate entity from us. The truth is, we’re as much a part 
of nature as the trees growing in our gardens. Spending time in the mountains, out in the 
elements or by the sea offers an alternative perspective, reminding us of our place on this 
earth and increasing feelings of connectedness. Belonging is a fundamental human need
 and in nature, every one of us belongs.

Physical Health

However you connect with nature, whether on a daily walk around your local park or on a rock climbing excursion, it will positively affect your physical health. The outside world 
inspires people to move their bodies, get their heart rates up, and build strength, enhancing 
fitness and nature wellness. CNN highlights a recent study that demonstrates how 
spending time in nature may even reduce the amount of medications people need to take!

Bonding With Others

Picking up a new hobby and spending more time outside might help you meet more people ,
too! It gets you out there, doing things, and having fun — you never know what else might 
be in store beyond the typical benefits of bonding with nature. Why not spend a family day 
out doing something outside the box like kayaking, fishing, or hiking? You can strengthen 
bonds with loved ones while enjoying the delights of nature, too.


Learning how to connect with nature spiritually is a wonderful way of becoming more 
mindful in everyday life – which will certainly serve you well when it comes to dealing with

life’s little ups and downs. To hone your skill, practice mindfulness while absorbing the 
natural occurrences around you, focusing on your breathing. Be ready to notice that distant 
birdsong, the gentle swish of branches in the wind, or the lapping of waves on the shore, 
and allow nature’s raw beauty and depth to energize your mind, body, and spirit.

Aesthetic Stimulation

Last (but certainly not least) is the sheer beauty of nature. Those quiet moments spent 
admiring the intricate patterns on a butterfly wing or soaking up the colors of a sunset 
dancing across a lake bring a feeling that is hard to describe. Connect with nature and 
embrace feelings of amazement, appreciation, and wonder.

Ways to Connect With Nature

Nature Retreat

Enjoy valuable one-on-one time with nature and head on a retreat spent in nature.
Venturing into the heart of the wilderness with guidance may inspire you to ditch the phone 
and laptop, freeing you to be present in every moment. A retreat may also offer you food ,
accommodation, and entertainment.


Take yourself on a no-frills ‘retreat’ by heading out with a tent and a camping stove to 
spend the night. Bring the whole family along and go back to basics in a lush green pine 
forest, somewhere with a coastal backdrop, or high in the sky on a mountain.

Day Trip

A nature trip doesn’t have to be a commitment, and there’s no set time frame. Stepping out 
for a half-day hike in the Swatara state park (check out this hiking tutorial), a quick wild 
swim, or even sporting clays will nourish your soul, laying the foundations for a deep 
connection with nature. Find the Adventure Explorations headquarters at the Outfitter & ;
Adventure building within the grounds of The Hotel Hershey, where you can begin your 
relationship with nature — the experiences are waiting for you.

Survival Training

A bushcraft class allows you to tap into your inner adventurer while gaining knowledge 
and having fun. You’ll learn essential survival techniques like navigation, fire-crafting, and 


If the outside world is inaccessible to you but you crave that connection, why not start 
researching an element of nature that interests you? Read about the deepest crater lakes 
on earth, the most mind-boggling mushroom varieties, or the different animal species that 
dwell in your state.

To Summarize...

Treating yourself to the endless benefits of nature is easier than you think. It’s simply a 
matter of deciding to step outside with intention and respect. Incorporate outdoorsy 
activities into your daily life and weekly habits to develop your bond with nature. Remind 
yourself that you’re a part of nature too, and reap the grounding, energizing, empowering 
benefits of true nature wellness.