Corporate Team-Building

Team and leadership skills, while generally universal, are often inconsistently developed, and not nurtured over time. At a time when mental health is being seriously challenged, particularly in corporate environments and groups generally, consistency and custom solutions that fit the need is what’s needed. Or, it’s not believable, or sustainable. People know instantly. Both earned and developed through experiences, trust is at the core of building futures for younger generations. Our own experiences over hundreds of sessions, and industry research, has proven that this approach is a powerful formula for creating change. 


Inside with portable adventures or outside with natural resources, we can do our work in any environment. The NYC – Philadelphia – DC metroplex is a priority as are those companies and groups located in regional PA, including Lehigh and Bucks counties. We can use the accommodations in the Hershey, PA area or we will travel to you. With such a critically important priority, we don’t want distance to be an obstacle. 


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Escape rooms, rock climbing, paddling, navigation challenges, ropes courses and hiking excursions designed to adapt to your group size, needs, goals, and settings. We facilitate these experiences at the office or at an event center anywhere in the world. We include an initial design meeting, follow up meetings, facilitation (equipment, staff, set up, clean up), and review meeting. You can also choose from one of our preferred venues for a guaranteed excellent experience and exclusive discounts.

Half and full day experiences combine Icebreakers with one of our initiative simulators in order to are a great way to play together and meet specifically targeted goals of your group. Adventure Explorations offers a unique workplace friendly experience that is sure to get your team more comfortable with each other and in front of the camera.

Absolutely! We adapt all our experiences to our clients and teambuilding is no different. Our team will be sure to create an experience that is suitable for your groups age, ability, attention span, time and budget.

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