Embracing Nature’s Playground

Outdoor Rock Climbing: Fun for the Body and Soul

Have an adventure in nature’s play park by trying your hand at outdoor rock climbing. Few 
activities combine strength, stamina, satisfaction, and scenery quite like it. Take a break from 
the TV sets and computer screens,

Proud rock climber looks down with a smile at his achievements.

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Why Try Outdoor Rock Climbing?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone may feel daunting, but the benefits of outdoor rock climbing are endless. Whether you choose to commit and start rock climbing as a hobby or are 
curious to give it a go in a one-off trial, get a taste of the joys of rock climbing for improvement 


Every rock formation is different, requiring you to adapt your skills, tactics, and movements.
During the rock climb, you will have to balance on each foot individually, swing your weight, 
and hold positions while thinking ahead. Maintaining equilibrium throughout this process fine-
tunes your balance skills.


As stated by Healthline, rock climbing is a full-body workout. It uses a variety of muscles in 
your arms, legs, back, glutes, and core at different stages throughout the climbing process.
Instead of heading to the gym to target your muscles individually, why not try rock climbing, a 
sport that naturally engages your whole body?


Rock climbing is a uniquely satisfying sport, as you can watch your progress in the shape of 
steeper formations and more challenging climbs. Endurance is an essential pillar of rock 
climbing; your stamina will soar with consistent practice. Develop stamina through rock 
climbing outdoors.


Climbing as a part of a group can be an incredible bonding experience as you dive into new 
experiences and offer each other support. That’s why rock climbing adventures are a fantastic 
idea for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, and extra-
special dates. Make memories to last a lifetime.


Maybe best of all is the benefit of connecting with nature. Rock climbing outside lets you 
explore nature as you learn from it. Use the rock formations as a natural playground, and 
reconnect with your inner child as you play, progress, and discover the world around you. Few 
sports take us into the heart of nature as rock climbing does.

How to Get Into Outdoor Rock Climbing

Wondering how to start outdoor rock climbing? You are not alone. Rock climbing is one of 
those activities people tend to brush off and leave down to the ‘experts,’ but the truth is it’s for 
everyone! Step outside your comfort zone and see your body’s potential (and the endorphins 
will speak for themselves). Get started by:

Signing Up to a Climbing Experience

As a rock climbing beginner, you should start out with some expert guidance. That could be 
through a rock climbing day trip with Adventure Explorations. Share the excitement with

others and multiply your enjoyment tenfold. Climbing can be a fun social activity for the whole 
family. Enjoy the bonding time of a family excursion spent rock climbing, time and time again!

Finding a Hiking Combination

If you are new to outdoor rock climbing and would prefer to ease into it, why not plan a trip 
that blends hiking in too? Adventure Explorations offers a range of hybrid trips, allowing you 
to trek to a beautiful remote climbing spot. Transform the activity into a day trip, and feel at
one with nature.

Getting the Right Equipment

Now you have decided to take the leap (or start the climb), it’s time to find the right climbing 
equipment. This tutorial for rock climbing gear covers the full toe-to-toe check, so you can 
ensure you are properly kitted out. Adventure Explorations provides all the top quality gear 
you need to get started on your climbing adventure.

Feeling the Joy of Nature

While practicing on an indoor climbing wall at a gym can be great for progression, nothing 
beats the beauty of outdoor rock climbing. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and enjoy the crisp 
forest views while honing your athletic skills. Learn from the rocks, and let nature challenge 
you with various different routes, rock faces, and challenges.

Open up to your strengths — discover the joy of rock climbing.

Outdoor Rock Climbing Philadelphia

Are you based in Philadelphia, or the New York City metro areas, and on the lookout for rock-
climbing opportunities? You’re in luck. Visit Adventure Exploration and arrange a rock climbing 
trip for you and your party, with expert guides and all the climbing gear included.

Chickies Rock Climbing Columbia

If you’re looking for destination recommendations, a favorite rock-climbing destination 
between Columbia and Marietta is Chickies Rock County Park. Known locally as a climbing
Mecca for its versatile ridges and traditional crags rising over the Susquehanna River, Chickies rock is an ideal climbing destination for novices and experts alike. Learn more about this climb on the Mountain Project.


What Are You Waiting For?

Take the first step in re-discovering nature — explore your local area and try rock climbing