Nature Near Me: Heading outdoors with Adventure Explorations.

5 Reasons Why Sharing Outdoor Adventures With Your Kids Can Help Them Become More Resilient Humans

It’s a tough job being a parent. But when you move the whole family outside, magic seems to 
happen. Going off the beaten path, finding the best fishing spots near you or the best rock 
climbing experience and doing it all together helps kids mature and grow. Thinking about a family outdoor adventure near where you live? Here are our top 5 reasons for heading out of 
town with Adventure Explorations.

Essential Family Bonding Time

Outdoor activities often bring unexpected surprises like spotting a herd of deer or hearing the soulful hoot of an owl for the very first time. These moments of spontaneity and wonder teach children to embrace the unexpected, adapt to new surroundings and find joy in the unpredictability of life. Consider a day-long guided hiking adventure and get up-close and personal with the local flora and fauna. Combine it with either a rappelling or a rock-climbing 
experience, where you’re securely attached to ropes and backup safety systems, for a higher- octane, mood-boosting family bonding experience.

Did you know?

Exposure to natural light can positively influence our mental health, sleep patterns, and even physical health, according to a recent study published in Environmental
Health Perspectives.

Creative Problem Solving

Spice up your outdoor adventures by solving challenges together. Encourage kids to put up a 
tent (not as easy as you might think), navigate an area using natural landmarks or learn the
finer points of paddling a kayak or canoe. Fly Fishing (super popular these days!) ups the ante 
with these skills as you figure out how to cast the line just the right way…it’s an art to be sure!
These challenges ignite problem-solving skills, resourcefulness and dealing with frustrations, 
while adding an element of excitement and adventure to your outings. How about a one-or-
two-night camping adventure? Fall asleep to the sound of crickets and wake up to birds 
chirping. Nature-based learning at its best.

Did you know?

Exposure to bird sounds in green environments positively impacts mental 
health, according to a study in BioScience.


Climbing as a part of a group can be an incredible bonding experience as you dive into new 
experiences and offer each other support. That’s why rock climbing adventures are a fantastic 
idea for bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthday celebrations, family get-togethers, and extra-
special dates. Make memories to last a lifetime.


Explore the outdoors beyond daylight hours with a sunset or nighttime adventure. Set up a 
campfire, stargaze or take a moonlit hike. These evening escapes offer a different perspective 
and encourage children to overcome fears and rely on their senses, enhancing confidence and 
expanding comfort zones. A great way for kids to amplify their problem-solving skills and trust 
their decisions.

Respect the planet

Immersing ourselves in the outdoors creates a healthy respect for our little blue dot in the sky.
Take part in tree-planting initiatives or wildlife conservation programs. Exploring the local 
ecosystems-whether it’s hiking in nearby mountains and forests or kayaking the coastline ,
allows kids to develop stewardship for their surroundings. You might even plant the seed in 
your child for a future career that involves protecting the environment. These activities instill a 
sense of responsibility in making a positive impact on the earth while inspiring a lifelong 
commitment to preserving nature. With myriad outdoor adventures less than 3 hours from 
major urban areas on the east coast, exploring the great outdoors is like pressing the “easy”

Did you know?

Research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology reveals that walking in 
green spaces leads to improved mood, increased self-esteem, and reduced anxiety and 
depression symptoms.

The Health Benefits of Eating Together

It’s super important to sit around the kitchen table together but now break it out of the same 
four walls. Since a camping or fishing trip now sounds really cool, you’ll need that campfire to 
prepare your meal: Go on a hunt for kindling and sticks and yeah, a portable stove works, too.
Sharing meals does more than satisfy physical needs; it fuels emotional needs, fosters human 
connections, and draws people closer. Studies show that kids who eat meals with their family 
do better in school and have fewer mental health issues. Plus, a hands-on, alfresco cooking 
adventure teaches adaptability and creativity in making a meal with limited resources and 
perhaps unconventional ingredients. It’s amazing what can be cooked to perfection over an 
open fire with aluminum foil. Don’t forget the S’mores!

Above all, the key is to have fun, spark curiosity, and encourage exploration during your time 
outdoors. Having nature’s doorstep in places like the Yellow Breeches Creek, the Swatara River 
and State Park, the Conestoga River, Chickies Rock County Park, White Rocks Trail and the epic
Appalachian Trail–all less than a 3 hour drive from the New York metro area and Maryland–
makes the exploration easy. By infusing the elements and embracing outside-of-the-box 
activities, you create memorable experiences that not only foster resilience but ignite a lifelong 
love of the outdoors. This unique family bonding experience can become a regular and 
cherished part of your family’s life and is the gift that keeps on giving.