Documentary Films

Documentary Films

Our vision is to see potential and people's ingenuity to solve challenges. Self-discovery is always a central theme in our films, to create possibility and inspiration, for viewers to place themselves in the context of what they're experiencing."

'For the First Time'

[Release Date, March 18th, 2021]

Set amidst the summer breeze and stunning Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania, a group of first-time paddlers set out on a journey of discovery. Filled with requited moments where nature always gives back more than what you give her, they self-discover their humanity in ways they never knew they needed.”

'A Second Chance'

[Film Release, March 18th, 2021]

On a chance escape day off, a mother of two teenage daughters and a son, re-opens long hidden wounds. Struggling not to reveal her struggle while rock climbing with friends, she realizes there’s a chance to restart her life, her way.”

About Us

Christopher Aumen, Aumen Films

A well-regarded and in-demand video and film production company, Christopher Aumen is 
as comfortable in a Director’s chair as he is behind the lens. He brings an artistic eye and sensibility to 
capture the story needing to be told. Also a drone expert, he is fearless and puts himself and his team 
into any environment required to capture what’s needed. Avis, Mevo and X3 are among their clients.

Chris Paradysz, Writer/Producer

With a long tenure of starting and operating businesses of scale, Chris specializes in the development and marketing of brands, businesses, personalities and ideas. With this latest venture, film and sound is an extraordinary method for capturing passion and people’s stories, which is at the heart of solving for challenges and creating dreams. And, these are the beginnings of businesses, borne out of the minds of entrepreneurs and their ideas to change the world.

Cody Meassick, Outdoor Adventurist, Adventure Explorations

Expert in multiple adventure disciplines, and remote emergency medical needs, Cody works closely with talent, and participants, to deliver performances that match the writer and script’s intent. Handling and managing all aspects of the Director and DP’s instruction and vision is his core responsibility.

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