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Adventure and Exploration are all around us. In music, travel, education, business, and so much more. Join us as we capture profound conversations focused on the AE mission of Self-Discovery. 

Discover the power you have to change the world.


The Magic of Music

An audio-specific, hosted show that takes deep listens and looks at musicians and their works.

Whether solo or with others, there’s so little that can rival our connection to music, stories and those who explore and create. The co-hosts, Audrey Martells and Sammy Wags, both highly accomplished musicians, artists and creators themselves, will join moderator and Adventure Explorations co-founder, Chris Paradysz


Mt. kilimanjaro

At a staggering 19,341 feet, MT. Kilimanjaro stands as the fourth-highest peak, the highest single free-standing mountain, and the tallest point on the continent of Africa.

Join Adventure Explorations guide Julie Queen as she sits down with friend and fellow guide Jorie Hanson, to debrief her recent summit of this famous mountain. Learn about the Tanzanian culture, food, community, connection, nature, and what it take to set foot on the top of the world