Guided HikING

Take in a breath of fresh air, listen to the local wildlife, identify and taste local flora. Bring out your significant other, your family or your closest friends as you explore the trails and mountains of the Cumberland Valley and Lancaster parks. The guide will provide you with local stories, Environmental knowledge, equipment, and risk management to help make memories that will last a lifetime.  Hiking trips take place within a 30-minute radius of Boiling Springs & Lancaster, PA.  If you have a preferred hiking area, please make us aware upon booking.


Trips are guided and with your private group. Binoculars, hand ax, bird Watching

Learn the connection between you, your equipment and what nature has to offer. This adventure exposes participants to the basic skills of knife use, shelter building, navigation, water treatment, fire crafting, and more. Connecting with nature, learning skills, engaging in community, and having fun is 
what Bushcraft Basics is all about. The knowledge gained will make you more comfortable in the 
outdoors to identify, craft, and apply primitive wilderness techniques. Perfect for all ages, families, 
bachelorette/bachelor parties. Our team will design an experience around you. Come dressed for the weather.

Spoon Carving

Trips are guided and with your private group, and include materials

Enjoy a three-hour spoon carving session and take home your own hand-carved wooden souvenir. Lose yourself in your work while connecting with yourself, your peers, and your environment. Trust us, three hours have never gone by so quickly. You will be provided with top-of-the-line Swedish carving knives designed specifically to meet the task. 
The guide will provide you with local stories, environmental knowledge, equipment, and risk management to help make memories that will last a lifetime. Spoon carving sessions are located within a 30-minute radius of Boiling Springs, PA.

Hiking Combos

Combine your hike with rappeling or climbing

Combine your hike with either rock-climbing or rappelling  along the ridge of the Appalachian Mountains. Come with your family, your significant other, friends, co-workers or leave everyone behind and enjoy that a day for yourself.

Combo hiking sessions, located at one of our many nearby climbing sites and trail systems, can be adjusted to any difficulty level to satisfy your enjoyment in a beginner-friendly environment. Location is within 45 minutes of Harrisburg, PA.

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No, but we don’t allow kids under 12 to use knives or the ax.

Yes, absolutely. The cost would be the regular per person cost.

Except for extra caution with sharp edges, no. We keep the pocketknives closed and the ax covered when not being used.

We have multiple locations we use depending on what degree of difficult clients prefer.

If it’s the Spring, Summer or Fall, use layers to keep your body comfortable. If the winter, we’ll be using the same gear, but the same principle applies. Wear comfortable pants and a top that you can move easily in.  Use a non-cotton base layer, preferably lightweight (cool days) or a layer made for wicking sweat and heat away

Wear eye protection and use Croakies to secure them. All wallets and phones get put into dry storage and travel with you.

Call for recommendations, if needed. Remember that wind adds windchill. Check this chart to estimate and dress accordingly: Wind Chill Calculator (noaa.gov)

Also, always check the weather for our local weather


Boiling Springs

We don’t suggest it. They do not have durable soles to protect you. We recommend light hiking boots.

Tips are not required but highly suggested.  
Your guide works very hard to make your time on the  trail top notch. It’s customary to present a 10-20% tip to your guide at the 
conclusion of your trip.

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