Insights: Digging Deeper

The latest science is revealing more truths about the 
power of connecting the outdoors, nature and adventure beyond the typical cliches that ‘nature 
is good for you’. From the National Institutes of Health, to various government institutions, 
private practice psychologists and even teachers, the evidence is indisputable. Includes 
suggestions and tips for everyone to start simply, and gain the rewards.

“Inside: the facts are true. Even the WS Journal reported virtually the same insights. 200 minutes per week significantly changes  your mental health. The combination of nature and the outdoors is what works. Not a Peloton. And, that’s not to replace working out, but it’s the nature and outdoors benefits you’re after. Depression, anxiety and other debilitating mental health issues substantially improves with this combination. The side effects are zero!”

May 2019’s predictions appear to be coming true:

✓  A surge in charitable giving and conscientious spending

✓  An emerging trend of people considering relocation to less populated areas

✓ A move to our more human roots, and living a stripped-back lifestyle

✓ Craving for more intimacy and human interaction

Surges in camping, fishing, boating, kayaking and cycling

✓ Local travel, not distances more than 50-100 miles