For Women, By Women

By Women, for Women

Part of the 'How Do I' Series

Specifically for women only, these dates are reservation-only for those interested in discovering the joy and often misunderstood world of exploring the woods and the outdoors. With two of the most extraordinary women guides, both highly skilled adventurers, they’ve created single-day options that will create exhilarating experiences, and opportunities to learn new skills. Outdoors, in nature, and safe. Bring your friends!

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GROUP SIZE: 6 people maximum


 Essential Gear



 Snacks and Drinks

Live Fire Takibi Dinner





Using a knife & what to do with it

Start a fire, Keep a fire

Filter water


Top 10 knots to secure, save, capture, celebrate

Nature at night

Deep Listening


Julie 'ranger' queen

Having completed a through-hike of the infamous 2,190+ mile Appalachian Trail and a just-completed 125-mile hike on the Centennial Trail in South Dakota, Adventure Explorations guide Julie Queen is an expert in her field. In addition to guiding for AE, she is the Director of the Appalachian Trail Museum in Pine Grove Furnace, PA. After a day on the trail, her genuine yet direct approach and skills will teach you more than you could have hoped for. 

JoriE Hanson

Growing up in PA, Jorie has had a lifelong love of nature. With a BS in Zoology from U of Montana and a
Masters in Strategic Intelligence, she traveled the US and the World during her 22-year Army military
intelligence career. Korea, Bosnia-Herzogvina, Kosovo and Afghanistan were all active-duty assignments.
Skydiving, running marathons, horseback riding and hiking lots of trails have always been a part of her life.

She is currently training to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, ‘Africa’s Rooftop’, in January 2022. In her retirement
from the military, she enjoys photography and hobby-farming back in her Boiling Springs, PA hometown.

"Our Vision is to see potential and people's ingenuity to solve challenges: self-discovery is always a central theme in our adventures. we work to create opportunity for growth and, then, to get out of the way."