Winter Hiking

Winter HikING

Winter has come, and now it is time to have some fun! Come explore a whole new way as you travel over frozen trails, listen to the winter silence, and breath in some much needed fresh air. Your guide will make sure to keep you warm with trailside hot beverages. You’ll be provided with top of the line equipment to provide you traction and keep you on your feet. Trips take place about 30 minutes from Hershey Pennsylvania, the sweetest place on earth.  



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No, but we don’t allow kids under 12 to use knives or the ax.

Except for extra caution with sharp edges, no. We keep the pocketknives closed and the ax covered when not being used.

We have multiple locations we use depending on what degree of difficult clients prefer.

If it’s the Spring, Summer or Fall, use layers to keep your body comfortable. If the winter, we’ll be using the same gear, but the same principle applies. Wear comfortable pants and a top that you can move easily in.  Use a non-cotton base layer, preferably lightweight (cool days) or a layer made for wicking sweat and heat away

Wear eye protection and use Croakies to secure them. All wallets and phones get put into dry storage and travel with you.

Call for recommendations, if needed. Remember that wind adds windchill. Check this chart to estimate and dress accordingly: Wind Chill Calculator (

Also, always check the weather for our local weather


Boiling Springs

We don’t suggest it. They do not have durable soles to protect you. We recommend light hiking boots.

Tips are not required but highly suggested.  
Your guide works very hard to make your time on the  trail top notch. It’s customary to present a 10-20% tip to your guide at the 
conclusion of your trip.