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With an HQ in our Outfitter building located at the Hotel Hershey, PA , we are a fast-growing regional adventure brand, specializing in the Mid-Atlantic states. We have access to incredible public and private resources. This gives first-timers and frequent adventurers, companies and groups access to some of the best natural resources within a five-hour radius. 

Rock Climbing

This might be the most fun you can have. It’s safe, and you go at your pace and stop when you’re done. You will be attached to ropes and backup safety to ensure you’re comfortable and getting the thrills and self-discovery that’s waiting for you. This trip is perfect for family getaway, unique date, bachelor/bachelorette party or exciting group outing with outdoor rock climbing and rappelling instruction by one of  our experienced, educated guides. 


It’s a 4-season adventure, even winter (we have dry suits!) Kayak or canoe in the most picturesque streams and rivers in Pennsylvania, The incredible nature, fresh air and sense of discovery is free!

Feel the power of the water as you learn to navigate, carve and surf your way down the wonderful waterways of PA. This trip is perfect for family getaway, unique date, bachelor/bachelorette party or exciting group outing with padding instruction by one of our experienced, educated guides. Guides will provide the necessary equipment, knowledge, and skills in order to provide a safe, exciting, and memorable experience. 

Clay Shooting

There is nothing quite like the feeling of excitement and the thrill that comes with shooting a clay out of the sky. It can be extremely challenging, yet a complete beginner can participate and enjoy it. Often referred to as “golf with a shotgun,” sporting clays are shot on a course; no two are the same. Like golf’s individual holes to play, course has ‘stations, where again no two will be the same. A sporting clays course setup is only limited by the course designer’s imagination and the surrounding terrain. We guarantee it’ll be an experience loaded with memories – great shots, “almosts” and incredible walks through nature.


You’ll find our guides to be both knowledgeable and friendly with a focus on education and catching something memorable. Either bring your obsessions or leave for home with them: fishing is all about details, but is a total blast! 

Whether wading, or tossing a line in from the edge of the water, this might be the most fun you can have. The chances are high that you’ll catch something, and there’s nothing quite like the thrill of landing your fish in a net. Of course, after the picture, we throw it right back! Choose a full or half-day experience, fishing for Trout, Bass, Northern Pike, Carp and anything else that swims!


Hiking trips with Adventure Explorations are very different than what’s typical. We certainly enjoy and relax with nature, walk quietly and listen for what the trail gives us. We are constantly seeking, too, to teach new skills and to learn more about what we can’t see. Or, what’s right in front or above us, but we’re too “head down” to notice. We’ve introduced basic survival skills into our Hikes, including shelter building, knife skills, using a compass and fire-starting. Adding birdwatching (and listening) has been very popular, too! While you may not ever need it, these skills will come in handy if you ever get stuck in a whiteout snowstorm, have the power go out, need to cut a rope, or even get warm while trying to figure out how to get home.

By Women, For Women

Specifically for women only, these dates are reservation-only for those interested in discovering the joy and often misunderstood world of exploring the woods and the outdoors. With two of the most extraordinary women guides, both highly skilled adventurers, they’ve created single-day options that will create exhilarating experiences, and opportunities to learn new skills. Outdoors, in nature, and safe. Bring your friends!

RC Crawlers

Come explore AE’s new remote controlled rock crawler course. Test your off-road skills on a micro level as we bring the outdoors inside. With rock features, obstacles, and a full racetrack, you will be amazed at just how fun this adventure is. Perfect for all ages and abilities.