For The First Time


Christopher Aumen: Director
Chris Paradysz,: Co-Writer
Matt Stambaugh: Co-Writer
Chris Paradysz:  Producer
Audrey Martells Key Cast

Belden Bullock

Dillon Strouse: Key Cast
Niles Bullock: Key Cast
Cole Bullock: Key Cast
Cody Meassick: Lead Guide
Ben John: Adventure Guides
Jacob Reisler: Adventure Guides
Andrew Baers: B-Roll Cinematographer, Asst Editor
Production Crew
Leslie Tran: Sound Engineer

Production Crew
Zach Campbell, Lead Editor
Production Crew
Nico Paradysz: Film Score
Thomas Matera
Film Score

The For the first time story

Co-written and produced by documentary filmmakers, Chris Paradysz and Matt Stambaugh, For The First Time portrays an inspirational story of the power of water and the human connection to it. Using kayaks, canoes, a floatboat and turning a paddle into a simple tool, a group of five set out on a first-time adventure down the Susquehanna River. With no experience paddling, nor river rapids, hidden rocks and crags, or such remote locations, each in the group subtly transforms their own life, in their own way.

With each stroke, this brilliantly talented artistic family of four, unaccustomed to such rural and raw beauty, and a highly intelligent,beautiful young man, burdened with paralysis and spastic cerebral palsy, each moment of self discovery creates unexpected moments of purpose, truth and clarity. Shot over two days, Matt, Chris and Director, Christopher Aumen, collaborate to develop the stories, not told by a narrator, but by the visuals and five-sense experiences created by the eight-hour adventure.

With first-line credits performing as a public speaker, or in well-known bands, as well as with their own musicians, plus acting in TV, commercial and films, each of the actors brought their own wanderlust allowing the audience, and crew, into their lives and powerful psyche.

The Filmakers

Matt Stambaugh and Christopher Aumen, filmmakers both, and many times partnering up for various film and commercial work, collaborated closely with Chris Paradysz, producer and passionate supporter of film, artistry and musical endeavors. Each bringing their entrepreneurial spirit and artistic breadth to this film, and others, they’ve captured the powerful emotions created by nature and carefully set them amongst human stories in exquisite renderings.

Currently working on a new documentary, A Second Chance, they explore a woman’s explosive, yet transformative choices, again using adventure and exploration as metaphor and antagonist. This time, climbing a hundred-foot rock, stirs emotions unlike the protagonist, Nicky Tamberrino, has ever experienced. As Chris states, “there’s nothing quite as motivating and powerful as knowing your spirit and ability will overcome fear despite its ability to wreak havoc.”

The Artists