For a deeper look and learn session, check out the videos of various aspects
of climbing, including preparation, rope management, belaying (for climbing up), and safety.
Cody, our Head of Guiding Adventures, will take you through many of the details to know and 
understand, maybe even before you put your hands on a rock!


Understanding water — how to control and leverage its power and 
nuanced flow — and your gear, especially paddles, is super important for having a great 
experience. More than just a piece of wood for paddling, it’s a tool for managing your own trip, 
and working with the water you’re in and anticipating what’s next. Measuring depths, rock 
presence, river bottoms, even saving lives is the job of your paddle.

Cycling, Italian Style:

Bring your own, or ride ours, and get the most out of your ride. We’ll 
check yours, if you bring it, and make sure it’s ready for the ride ahead. If you want to ride ours, 
take a look. We weren’t satisfied to acquire bikes that anyone can get. We wanted to offer something special, but almost as familiar as what you already have. Almost, because these bikes

are completely functional but give a ride that’s incredible. Smooth and connected, you’ll actually 
be riding a piece of art. Born and developed in Italy, it’s still where handmade happens. 
Especially in the 1980s, that’s how most were built, and they’re magic!