Trips are guided and with your private group. Bikes, snacks, expert guide included.

On either your own bike or the handmade road bikes we’ve imported from Italy, you’ll ride through the wind that bends the trees and cools quiet farm roads once filled with travelers from afar. Lush corn and alfalfa green fields as far as your eye will take you in Spring and Summer. Vibrant reds, oranges and yellows as Autumn arrives. Even the rhythmic clip-clop of a standardbred horse pulling an Amish family carriage down a side road few know is there. There’s something about the rhythm and a pulsing heartbeat that opens us up to possibility.

Our guides will wind you through gorgeous vistas and encourage you as you tour the long, flat roads up and down the Pennsylvania hills. Even the “rollers”, those short-burst hills that stretch your lungs, will make you feel like you earned the meal you’ve been craving. You’ll stop for nourishment then keep on rolling or settle in for a longer spell and either end your day there (we’ll shuttle you back to HQ!) or gear up again for the return. We carry repair tools and patches for flats, plus any medications or backup supplies that are needed. You’ll return feeling energized and satisfied, having left behind the grind. 



All 4 seasons present different rides. Spring, Summer and Fall are the easiest.  Unless by special request, we don’t typically ride in the winter due to the cold, road dirt, and potential bike damage.

As long as you know how to ride a bike, we will accommodate your trip to your level. If it has been a
while since you biked, we are more then happy to give you a refresher.

Bring your cycling clothing — riding shorts or pants, socks, jacket, shoes or cleats. We have helmets if you need one. Use a non-cotton base layer, preferably lightweight wool (cool days) or a layer made for whisking sweat and heat away.  Wear eye protection and use Croakies to secure them. Wallets and phones should be put away in a cycling pocket or we’ll hold them for you.  Call for recommendations, if needed. Remember that wind from the ride will add windchill. Check this chart to estimate and dress accordingly: Wind Chill Calculator (

Also, always check the weather for our local weather

Lancaster area

Boiling Springs area

Tips are not required but highly suggested. Your guide works very hard to make your trip experience top notch. It’s customary to present a 10-20% tip to your guide at the conclusion of your trip.