Invent Your Potential. Discover it Together.

OUR Mission

To create possibility, grit, and resilience through outdoor and digital adventures of the body, mind, and soul.

OUR Purpose

We are the bridge between people’s discovery of their potential, their possibilities and choices, and the freedom it creates. All that we are and do is devoted to building this connection.


To assist people, teams, companies, communities and the world to become the best version of themselves.

OUR Truths

Safety is our first priority.

We adapt our experiences to customer ability, experience, and desire.

We are committed to building lifelong customer and client relationships.

We teach and follow Leave No Trace principles.

We use only educated and experienced guides.

We are 100% devoted to inclusivity. There is no race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability that will deter us from creating a high-value experience.

Cody Meassick

Cody received a Bachelors in Adventure Education from Messiah University,  while completing his service in the United States Army Reserves as a Non-Commissioned Officer. As an outdoor educator over the last decade, Cody has experienced first-hand the magic that happens when people come together to learn about and explore the outdoors. He has worked with a wide variety of demographics, from children to professionals and novices across multiple venues.

While holding positions at Yellow Breeches Educational Center, York College of Pennsylvania, and the Allenberry Resort, Cody brought intra-personal growth, inter-personal growth, and resiliency training across the organizations. His certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, Kayak Instructor, and Climbing Guide, along with his education and experience, allow him to create tailor-made experiences that are safe, entertaining, and life-changing. He has created and offered adventures across most activities and works closely with educational intuitions, camps, and corporations in their team-building programs.

In his spare time, Cody can often be found working in the garden, taking care of the chickens, shooting sporting clays, bird watching, playing board games, and paddling the Yellow Breeches, alongside his wife and son.

Chris Paradysz

Chris brings a mix of practical, leadership, and operational skills as a guide and business leader of the AE team. With teaching, psychology, and degrees in Speech Pathology and Audiology, he is able to coach and lead adventure and group experiences with a particular emphasis on listening, self-discovery, and leadership. Chris also guides our cycling adventures.

Teaching executives, entrepreneurs, and administrators within workshops and university settings is an important priority. Focused on creativity and problem-solving skills as two of the most critical to break through fear and failure, is a major emphasis particularly as organizations and people struggle to redefine themselves.  

Prior to AE, Chris co-founded and was Co-CEO of multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including PMX Agency, the largest independent, global performance agency. With his life-partner wife and his family, as the highest priorities, a continual journey to bring optimism and passion to others defines his focus.

Chris holds the US 24-hour distance record for cycling at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Breinigsville, PA, traveling 669.63km.