Our friends within 10 miles of Boiling Springs are welcomed with $10 off certificates, per person. And, every Wednesday is Local Day, starting September 10 th . Book soon to secure your spot(s) and $10 off!”

OUR Mission

To create possibility, grit, and resilience through outdoor and digital adventures of the body, mind, and soul.

OUR Purpose

We are the bridge between people’s discovery of their potential, their possibilities and choices, and the freedom it creates. All that we are and do is devoted to building this connection.


To assist people, teams, companies, communities and the world to become the best version of themselves.

OUR Truths

Safety is our first priority.

We adapt our experiences to customer ability, experience, and desire.

We are committed to building lifelong customer and client relationships.

We teach and follow Leave No Trace principles.

We use only educated and experienced guides.

We are 100% devoted to inclusivity. There is no race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability that will deter us from creating a high-value experience.

Cody Meassick

Cody holds a BA in Adventure Education while completing his service in the United States Army Reserves as a Non-Commissioned Officer. He has worked with a wide variety of people, from students struggling with emotional and behavioral disorders, to professionals and novices across different venues. Yellow Breeches Educational Center, York College, and the Allenberry Resort. He holds multiple certificates in rock-climbing, backpacking and paddling, and is extremely well trained in wilderness and emergency medicine. He has created and offered adventures across most activities and works closely with corporations in their team building programs. He co-leads a small group at his church for parents with young children with his wife. In his spare time, Cody can often be found working in the garden, shooting sporting clays, paddling the Yellow Breeches with his wife and son.

Chris Paradysz

Chris has co-founded and operated multiple businesses across a career that has included agencies, 
media companies, resorts, horse farms and music enterprises. With long histories with amazing partners, Chris was co-CEO of 
the PMX Agency, and operated the largest independent, global performance agency. From outdoor industries, to retail 
and luxury and nonprofits as clients, Chris brings a high-energy, entrepreneurial approach to business problem solving. 
Now operating as co-founder of Adventure Explorations along with Cody, Chris again is bringing a strong conviction in 
people’s potential, this time to a new industry. In addition to his business and life-partner wife, and his family, this remains 
his deepest passion. Teaching entrepreneurs within workshops and university settings is an important priority as is 
working closely with medical scientists and business leaders to develop treatments for Lupus. Chris holds the US 24-hr
distance record for cycling at the Valley Preferred Cycling Center in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania, traveling 416.09 miles
(669.63km). He is excited to lead and guide cycling tours for Adventure Explorations.