Winter Adventures 2022

Winter Adventures

Winter has arrived and so have the snow and the crackling fires we all dream about. But, we find too
that winter is one of our favorites, too. Most of our adventures run throughout and are still our
favorites! You’ll experience the stillness and stunning beauty of quiet winter forests. The waters are
bright and clear, and the largest fish still show up challenging you to read their minds in anticipation. Be
ready for a duel!

Experience winter four ways


Take a hike through the mountains while spotting the wildlife preparing for winter.



Kayak or Canoe through the timeless sycamore trees and covered bridges. Spot wood ducks, mallards, merganser, and more.



See the trees from above as you take winter to new heights. Climb your way up to stunning views and fresh air. Then skip the hike down and rappel off the ledge.


AE - Julie Fly Fishing II (Hershey)

Get hooked this winter. Find enjoyment in casting a line off the bank, in the water, or off the boat. With conventional and fly tackle available, fishing is for everyone.

“Our vision is to see potential and people’s ingenuity to solve challenges. Self-Discovery is always a central theme in our adventures. We work to create opportunity for growth, and then get out of the way.” – Co-founders, Cody and Chris